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My son and daughter both attend judo sessions with A.S.Judo Academy on a regular basis. My children's confidence have grown so much. The staff are friendly and really supportive of ALL the children and give the kids structure, routine, discipline but most of all loads of FUN.

I would recommend this amazing club to everyone. My son has ASD and SPD and this has helped him so much with coping with stress and anxiety and meets all of his social and sensory needs.

Both my son and daughter love training with AS Judo Academy.

Daniel July 24, 2018

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Both my boys started Judo with Alan at the age of 4 at their school breakfast club and have loved it since the start. I think it's because they get to throw themselves around and roll around on the floor which they've always always done a lot of! The boys tell me they enjoy the games and the battling! I know they love the fact they are achieving, growing in confidence and growing in confidence and going up the stages with the belts.

Alan is a great teacher for the little ones, good discipline but understanding of their age and needs. It's also really great that they get to mix with the older children and lovely to see how the older kids take on the responsibility within the group and take care of the younger ones helping them join in.

Devon & Cameron Hart July 24, 2018

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"Judo is the best sports for young people: good physical exercise that increase resiliency, concentration and the respect for others"

Orazio Soland July 24, 2018

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My son has been attending A.S. Judo for 2 years. He has found a real passion for Judo through his lessons with Alan and his team. They are brilliant teachers and engage the children totally with their knowledge and experience. He also attends the holiday camps regularly which he loves. Couldn't recommend them more highly.

Parents of Tom Montague July 24, 2018

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"Ryan started Judo with A.S. Judo when was five and two years on it's still his favourite club. The Sensei are all brilliant with the kids, with right balance of discipline and encouragement. Whilst Ryan isn't fazed or star struck by being taught by British or Olympian champions, I feel very lucky that he's learning from the best. I asked Ryan what he would tell someone thinking about starting and he said "It's really fun, I think you'd really like it! You get to learn how to do lots of cool Judo moves, like 'throws' and 'hold downs' and play fun games."

July 24, 2018

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"Both my children have attended A.S judo classes for over 3 years and have loved it ! Both children never want to miss a class and loved the holiday clubs and are the only clubs they are prepared to do during holidays. They have not only grown in judo ability but also in personal confidence. Alan and his team are amazing and make the children not only feel welcome but strive to ensure that they gain all the required elements to go for grading and succeed first time."

Oliver & Austin Cottee July 24, 2018

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As a parent of two children that have practiced judo for more than twenty-five years between them, I have seen many judo clubs and AS Judo academy has a very high level of technical instruction, that can compete with the best in the country, but perhaps more than this, all the children seem to really enjoy themselves. The proof of this is the number of senior children (14-17 years) that still train with the academy regularly, when it becomes their decision rather than their parents!
In general, Judo carries many fitness benefits for the individual, including functional strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, power, agility, core strength and stability to name but a few, all of which improves their abilities at other more traditional school sports. The life skills I've seen taught are perhaps more impressive such as self-confidence, respect, discipline, aggression and emotional control, team spirit, social cohesion and much more.
It is an honour to be working with this exceptional team at the Academy. I would whole heartedly recommend Judo for Schools and in particular AS Judo Academy, to any parent looking for a suitable extra-curricular activity for their child to attend.

Tim King Judo parent, judoka and coach July 24, 2018

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I was at A.S Judo academy for around 10 years, in this time the club supported me all the way from white belt to brown belt (3 tags) and gave me the opportunity to become an Assistant Judo Coach. A.S Judo created a friendly competitive environment and always gave me something to work towards, should it be passing my next grading or trying to get into the club’s elite squad. Judo not only had its physical benefits, making me fitter than I had ever been before, but also helped me improve my confidence and communicational skills which has aided me in my professional life. I would recommend A.S judo to anyone who is interested in trying out a new sport as no matter what fitness level you are they have some of the best coaches to help you reach your very best.

George Glenister Academy student July 24, 2018

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'A.S Judo is fantastic for my two girls. Not only do they get to learn some self defence but they also have fun and keep fit! Both my girls really enjoy attending and always leave smiling. The members come across as friendly with a professional yet informal attitude with the children, making them feel comfortable and relaxed. They are always eager to attend additional sessions, especially the camps held during the school holidays and these are well worth the money. I am enjoying watching my girls' confidence and skills grow each week and would recommend AS Judo to anyone wishing to get their children involved in martial arts.'

Kay Cunningham Parent July 24, 2018

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Our daughter loves her weekly Judo session with A.S. Judo, she's really learned a lot and finds Alan to be really helpful and encouraging. The disciplines taught and respect each child shows is second to none. Highly recommend for all ages and abilities.

Debbie Roberts July 24, 2018

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A.S Judo Academy has been brilliant for both of my boys. Archie loves his sessions and is currently training multiple times a week, both in an out of school; oggy, being a little younger only trains once a week. The session are great for learning discipline, manners and commitment whilst being very varied with a great mix of skill and games. All the Sensei's are all extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping each judoka to be the best they can. Archie dreams of one day following in Sensei Pete's footsteps competing at the highest levels!

Liz Marlow July 24, 2018

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My eldest son started with AS judo when he was in reception at school, he instantly enjoyed it. This is down to the fantastic teachers. They always have time for the kids and make judo a fun place to go, aswell as teaching them some amazing skills. I will be sending my other children as soon as they are old enough!

Parent of Jaycob Pitt July 24, 2018

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My son's favourite day of the week is Judo day! He loves working towards new belts and has grown in confidence with his friends. He finds Alan great fun but knows when he has to listen and follow instructions. Really good discipline and a great work out.

Parent of Hudson Szulc July 24, 2018

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Oscar has been with A.S Judo since he was 4 years old attending the Wessex breakfast club initially then adding the Saturday morning sessions in Marlow to his weekly schedule. He has been to several of the holiday camps over the past 4 years which he has thoroughly enjoyed. There are not that many sports for children where the coaches are at such a high level in their sport and Oscar really thrives on this aspect. 
Judo is a fantastic sport as it ticks so many boxes physically and mentally and A.S Judo demonstrates this as well as making it great fun!
Highly recommended!

Parent of Oscar Crabtree July 24, 2018

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What a great Academy! Thank you for everything you guys do for the boys and girls but more than that thank you for having professionalism combined with friendship! it is not a skill that everyone can have. I have one happy boy/teenager since he started with A.S Judo Academy 8 years ago. Thank you all for providing a great environment of learning such skills (not only physical but emotional).

Parent of Enzo Schaeffer-Gorrie July 24, 2018

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I have been training with A.S Judo for over 10 years now and am one grade away from achieving my black belt. The academy has certainly shaped my character in all aspects of life, on and off the mat due to its constructive and friendly environment. More recently I have been given the opportunity to become an assistant coach at school lessons and holiday camps. Working and helping with younger students has been massively rewarding and has also been helpful to my own judo. I would urge anyone new to the sport to just give it a go and see how much fun it is for themselves. Being part of the A.S Judo team is definitely something to be proud of!

Nick Humphries July 24, 2018

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My two sons aged 10 and eight have been going to AS judo for about 18 months now and They absolutely love it. On top of physical fitness it helps with eldest son did his first tournament at the beginning of the year and achieved the gold medal. After which his sensei said "so you have been listening then"
I would recommend AS judo to anybody with children thinking of getting into the sport.

Robbie Hearn Parent July 24, 2018

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My son Jack has been attending weekly judo lessons for nearly a year with Sensei Alan. Jack has come on in leaps and bounds. He has grown in confidence, learnt new skills and made new friends. The students are also taught respect and discipline as well as making it a fun experience in a safe environment. Judo has become Jack's favourite sport, so when the opportunity of attending the judo workshops came up it was a great opportunity for Jack to learn even more from Alan and the other Sensei's plus its a great experience as parent's / carers are able to come along and watch.

Louise Atkins Parent July 24, 2018

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