A.S Judo is the No1 for teaching Judo in Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire schools

For an inclusive activity to build into your PE curriculum Judo has a lot to commend it. It can bring the best out of children perhaps not so enthusiastic about ball sports. It is a disciplined sport that helps boisterous children focus their energy. it also provides a ladder of achievement for children to pursue their British Judo Association belt gradings from White belt up to black belt. It breeds a self respect students take into the classroom. The A.S Judo team of ex British and international Champions use Judo disciplines to enhance balance, strength, co-ordination as well as self respect for their fellow students and their own self-confidence. Alan Scott has discovered in his Judo academy that…”Often unruly kids suddenly quiet down and start channelling their energy in a more positive way. the quieter ones gain confidence and respect from others”

A.S Judo’s School list 
Wendover Junior School 
The Downley School
Marlow Infant School
Braywood CE First School
St Mary’s SE School
St Paul’s CE School
Gateway School
Stoke Poges School
Great Kingshill School
John Hampden School
Holy Tinity School
Berkhamsted Pre Prep
Berkhamsted Prep
Chestnut Lane School
Wessex Primary School
Danesfield School
Holmer Green First School
All ages, sexes, shapes, sizes and mindsets can derive something positive from judo


  • Lunchtime Classes Only
  • Membership BJA/PANDA
  • Free Gradings each year


  • Once a week training*
  • Membership BJA/PANDA
  • Free Gradings each year


  • Twice a week training*
  • Membership BJA/PANDA
  • Free Gradings each year


  • Unlimited training*
  • Membership BJA/PANDA
  • Free Gradings each year

A flexible addition to the PE curriculum The A.S Judo team can provide 4, 6 or 10 week sessions to fit in with your budget and term plan. They provide  Certificates, prizes and Judo Gi suits to wear. Judo is great fun and offers a lot for PE teachers trying to get the most from such a diversity of children.

“A.S Judo at Haresfoot school has proven to be an excellent extra curricular activity. It has helped exuberant children channel their energy, giving them a structure to gain confidence and positive recognition. Alan and his team offer a high standard of instruction including a level of fun enjoyed by the children” Headmaster Haresfoot Prep School

A.S Judo’s ‘Sponsor a child’ incentive

A.S Judo has created a ‘Sponsor a child’ initiative in which, if there is a individual child with special merits who is keen to pursue Judo. A.S Judo will pay all their costs for their first year. The criteria and conditions would be organised in conjunction with the individual school concerned and could be used as an incentive/prize/ reward or as financial support where appropriate.