• All students must arrive and depart dojo with their parent or legal guardian. If your child will be leaving with someone else, please contact a member of A.S Judo and let us know.
  • All students are kindly asked to walk at all times in the dojo (no running)
  • All students are asked to put their shoes and coats away in an orderly fashion upon entering the dojo.
  • All students must have a clean uniform, clean feet, short fingernails, and no jewellry may be worn during practice. Females are required to wear a t-shirt under their judo Gi top.
  • All students are required to change in the dressing rooms. Males should not be bare chested in the dojo at any time.
  • All students are encouraged to arrive 10-5 minutes prior to their class time. Students should be picked up no later than 10-15 minutes after their class ends.
  • All apparel must be purchased through The A.S Judo Academy.
  • All parents are kindly asked to maintain control of student’s siblings while class is in session.
  • All parents are kindly asked to refrain:

(1) From interacting in any way with their children during class.

(2) From speaking to the Senseis during class. Please schedule tim