To reach Black Belt is a major achievement and denotes high degree of skill and discipline in Judo.

Welcome to A.S Judo academy!
If your child has progressed through the A.S Judo Panda Cubs, they will have some idea of what’s in store but where the Panda’s Cubs emphasis is on having fun, staying t and learning the foundations of Judo, the Academy is to help develop Judo excellence. Consequently, we ask more of the children and help them achieve beyond their expectations. As they work harder they become very competent at throws and groundwork moves and also develop as individuals
becoming more focused and able to grasp new techniques more quickly.
The advanced Judo skills they develop also breeds self confidence, (…there is nothing like throwing someone through the air to feel strong and powerful! ) The environment is still relaxed and fun but the progress they make by grading for the next belt helps build a healthy respect both for themselves and for their friends in the sessions. We hope all our students will benefit from learning Judo not just in terms of building strength but building character too.

A.S Judo Academy Elite – From age 10-17 coaching is more intense as the students climb the challenging ladder towards achieving a Judo black belt

From 4-8 years old the A.S Judo students learn the fundamentals, they build strength and flexibility and learn basic techniques. Beyond this, from age 10 up to 17 and 18 the students are pushed to master complex groundwork techniques, arm locks, strangles and the throws demanding more strength and fluidity.
Coaches like Danny Williams, Igor and Alan encourage the boys and girls to compete and to be more aggressive in practice (all under strict guidance and control) in doing so they learn the discipline involved and build self confidence that they can achieve the higher grades they are now aspiring too. Many have been with A.S Judo since the age of 7 or 8 years old and are now on the verge of achieving their black belt before they are 18 . The have made great friends along the way and grown in stature, fitness and flexibility.

A.S Judo created by ex British Judo Champion Alan Scott has grown over the last 10 years to be one of the leading exponents of Curriculum Judo in schools in the South East of England. It has over 1600 members and is still adding schools to its roster to provide Judo instruction from expert and accomplished GB champion Judoka.
Instructors who have been in the heat of competition all over the world representing their country and now want to pass on their knowledge and help a new generation of students develop into great Judoka. Teaching children from the age of 4 at such a high level means their technique is honed over years of practice and allows our students to pursue Judo to as high a level as their ambition allows, be that competing for their club, for the county or
internationally. A.S Judo runs camps in the school holidays, it has open sessions and
a team training squad (invitation only) which is once a month on a Sunday. Top Judo ‘stars’ are often invited to conduct a Masterclass for our students to pass on some of their competition knowledge and experience. A.S Judo also has it’s own closed championship for it’s
members to compete for medals and certificates at the Wycombe Judo Center. Members of A.S Judo are all asked to join the British Association.

Grading’s take place every 6 months or so but are harder to achieve as the belts get higher and competition experience is required at the higher levels of brown and black belt and desirable before that to gain tournament experience. It is also necessary to train 2 or 3 times a week to maintain the levels of fitness and expertise to forge ahead and become a better Judo athlete.

Bruce Lee- “If you always put limits on what you do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over your life. It’ll spread in to your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them… a man must constantly exceed his level.”