Judo Gradings – A ladder of achievement

A.S Judo academy aims to develop judo skills, character and discipline
‘Gradings’ provide a ‘ladder of achievement’ to measure progress in learning the dierent judo techniques. Gradings are every 6 months or so, to give sucient time for students to learn the
techniques to move up a belt. The Gradings are deliberately challenging, so individuals feel a sense of real satisfaction in achieving their next belt. We invite parents to attend the last session of each term, so they can see just how much progress has been made and how quickly
the children soak up the knowledge from our Judo experts.

Judo grading’s allow students to monitor their progress and acknowledge their improvements. Everyone is different and we learn at different rates and in different ways. As individuals we want something unique for ourselves from the training we undertake and instruction we receive. Your path to Judo success is also a path to achieving your own personal goals and that journey will be unique, fun and challenging. Our instructors are here to guide you on your way to success and achievement and push you on that little bit further each time you train. To help your progression members are provided with a grading syllabus and regular grading sessions are held throughout the year. our Judo is practiced to the highest level, and we ensure external examiners are present for all our grading’s in order to maintain these exceptional standards.Grading enables you to see if you have understood the technical requirements for each grade and tests you under pressure. This is when you find out what you really know. Once you have achieved your grade you will have total confidence in your techniques and ability. Many of our students say that after passing their grading’s they feel they can go on in life and do anything they choose and succeed! There are 7 belts before you reach your 1st Dan Black Belt, each belt is also divided into three MON grades. this can take you between 7 and 9 years to achieve depending on the level of effort and level of commitment you put into your training. It isn’t meant to be easy but to be challenging and enlightening. Think of your Black belt as the martial arts equivalent to an Academic Degree.
Students in general should grade every 4 – 6 months. This is a rough guideline, some people will move quicker others will take longer. It’s not about getting to your goal the quickest, it’s about making the most of your journey towards your goal. Always push yourself to understand your techniques and how to use them effectively, ask questions and condition your mind and body, start to see what is possible.