Gradings provide children with a ladder of achievement
and a means to progress to the A.S Judo Academy team


Judo is not just an Olympic Sport

The Judo Panda grading progression
To be awarded each new Grade, Panda Cubs must fulfil the following criteria, academic and technical requirements. All Panda Cubs must also show positive attitude and good behaviour in class.
Grade 1: White & Red Belt
Minimum 10 classes with consistent attendance

  1. Where did Judo come from? (JAPAN)
  2. What does Matta & Hajime both mean in English? (STOP & BEGIN)
  3. Demonstrate the correct bowing action for both kneeling & standing.
  4. Demonstrate a forward roll. (Check with Sensei if unsure)
  5. (Newaza: Ground Technique)

Demonstrate Kesa Gatame

  1. Demonstrate a Backwards break fall (Ukemi)

Grade 2: White & Yellow Belt

  1. What is the Japanese word for Judo Teacher or instructor: (SENSEI)
  2. What does Rei mean (BOW)
  3. Demonstrate a Backwards break fall (Ukemi)
  4. Demonstrate the sleeve & Lapel Grip
  5. (Tachi Waza: Throwing Technique)

Demonstrate Osoto-Otoshi

  1. Demonstrate Osoto-Otoshi into Kesa-Gatame (Transition)

Grade 3: White & Orange Belt

  1. Examiners choice of 1 from each set of the above
  2. What is the Japanese word for a place to learn Judo (DOJO)
  3. Demonstrate a Backwards break fall (Ukemi)
  4. Demonstrate an escape from Kesa-Gatame
  5. (Newaza: Ground Technique)

Demonstrate Yokoshiho Gatame

  1. Demonstrate Osoto-Otosh into Yoko-shiho-Gatame

Grade 4: White & Green Belt

  1. Examiners choice of 1 from the above
  2. Who was the founder of Judo (DR JIGORO KANO)
  3. Demonstrate a Rolling Break fall
  4. (Tach Waza:Throwing Technique)

Demonstrate Tai-otoshi

  1. Demonstrate Tai-otoshi into Yoko-shiho-Gatame
  2. Demonstration of light Newaza Randori (Ground work fighting)

Grade 5. White & Blue Belt

  1. Examiners choice of 1 from above
  2. What does Obi mean in English (Judo Belt)
  3. What does Judoka mean in English (Judo Player)
  4. Demonstrate De-Ashi Barai (Advancing Foot Sweep)
  5. Demonstrate De-Ashi Barai into Yoko-shiho-Gatame
  6. Demonstrate the double arm turn over from the all four position

Grade6. White & Brown Belt

  1. Examiners choice of 1 from the above
  2. Demonstrate how to tie your belt correctly
  3. Name 2 of the Dojo rules
  4. Demonstrate 2 of your favourite throws
  5. Demonstrate 2 of your favourite hold downs
  6. Demonstrate 60min of light Randori (Standing Fighting on the move.
 A.S Judo provides a compete starter kit for each child including a Gi judo suit, Panda Cub T-shirt and water bottle. Which are supplied on our website. There are also Judo camps in the school half term and summer holidays and a special Panda training day every 6 months in which students receive performance certificates and prizes. When children reach 9 years old they will hopefully progress to the A.S Judo Academy and may be invited to attend our elite Team Judo session and represent the club in future competitions.

“It is not important to be better than someone else but to be better than yesterday”

A.S Judo is the leading provider of Curriculum Judo in schools with over 1600 members and 50 schools in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. It is the aim of A.S Judo to provide children with high quality instruction to learn the basics of Judo and develop the physical strength and exibility as well as the character and condence to pursue Judo not only as a sport but a way of life.

“A coaching team of GB Champions to give Children the best start in their Judo education”

A.S Judo Panda Club is a specially designed course for 4-8 year old to learn judo in a safe, friendly environment in which they are encouraged to learn self discipline self respect and self conference Children are supervised at all times and coaches are CRB checked GB Champion Judo instructors.
Both girls and boys can benefitt from the strength, flexibility and fitness judo provides. Children who are a constant bundle of energy or are perhaps shy and lacking in conference often and Judo gives them the action they crave and helps them gain a new respect among their peers at school.

Pandas begin as a white belt and then achieve stripes to grade up to the next belt, until they reach brown stripe where upon they progress to the A.S Judo Academy.

A.S Judo Panda Cubs build confidence and character. Children gain attributes that help them with their school work whilst keeping, strong and flexible . Judo provides a ladder of achievement and helps children learn respect and the rewards of hard work. It’s a win, win for children, parents and school.